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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Tony y Not

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I’ve been itching to dance in clubs all throughout lockdown. I want to be taken on a sonic journey that hurtles me forward with no care in the world. Ever since I discovered Tony Y Not, the sentiment has quickly become “I am itching to dance in a club where Tony Y Not is the DJ.” 

Mimi von Koerber, the genius that is Tony Y Not, layers together razor sharp sounds, funky build-ups, and robust synths. The Berlin/NYC-based artist, DJ, producer, and “cosmic event planner” is a master at blending electronic sounds and creating groovy club bangers that engulf your senses. 

Influenced by both her German roots and wealth of time in Brooklyn, Tony Y Not creates her own twist on European dance music. Adjacent to her music, von Koerber also produces  “intimate immersive spaces” as the co-founder of the Front Left party series and was involved in the creative and revolutionary BAE Collective

Tony Y Not has worked with talented DJs like Bonnie Spacey, Armonica, and Made in Paris. She was also a part of With Love, a dance-packed compilation for Pride by Vangelis. Stay tuned for exciting releases on Me Me Me, Ombra International later this year and listen to her latest release on Critical Monday. This is just the beginning. 

For her Greylist, Tony Y Not picked 11 tracks that will surely make you want to experience her next set.

1. “Disco Rootz - Fabrizio Mammarella Remix,” Younger Than Me 

2. “Watch Them Dogs,” X-Connection 

3. “Get Loose,” Shermanology 

4. “Cold Relic - Original Mix,” Mufti 

5. “Gina Iollobrigida,” Curses 

6. “Bowery 559 - Each Other Remix,” Peter Invasion 

7. “Planet Glitch - Tony y Not Remix,” Sarah Wild 

8. “Star - German Version,” Perel 

9. “Bonne Sommer,” Bonnie Spacey 

10. “Spiegel (feat. Justine Forever),” Shubostar

11. “Repeat after Me (Eden Burns Remix),” Benjamin Fröhlich

Photo credit: Mez Dumas

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