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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Caleb Hawley

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On his 2021 single “blueprint,” Caleb Hawley sings “I wish I was lucky/I wish I had money/Just a little something to show for the work I’ve done.” Though this is the kind of relatable line that permeates all of Hawley’s music, it’s made all the more fascinating because the song itself fulfills its own wish. The music is what Hawley has to show for all his hard work; music that is only as polished, catchy, and impressive as it is because of the years of dedication that he has committed to developing his craft.

Growing up in Minneapolis, Caleb would often get mistaken for his mother when answering the phone, already displaying the high tenor voice that would become the centerpiece of his sound. Since then, Hawley has relocated to NYC, performed countless live shows across the country, and released five full-length albums, which range in style from the electronic-influenced Sex Tape to the stripped-down and soulful Love, Drugs, & Decisions (Acoustic) (the live version of “U & I” with Theo Katzman on that album is a personal favorite).

To accompany the music, Hawley writes arresting lyrics about issues both personal and universal. Some highlights are piano ballad “Playing House,” on which he paints a morbid picture of a married couple together more out of habit than love, or the head-bopping “Ain’t It Really Sumthin” about the uncomfortable and freeing nature of truth. Caleb’s new single “Someone Who Makes You Happy” is out everywhere today!

For his Greylist, Caleb shared 5 stellar tunes including his very own “blueprint” and “A Minute of Your Love.”

1. “blueprint,” Caleb Hawley

2. “Sure Love,” Jarryd James

3. “Betterlove,” Lewis Taylor

4. “Bend,” Shelby Lynne

5. “A Minute of Your Love,” Caleb Hawley

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