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I take any chance I get to share — or should I say inflict? — my musical taste with friends and strangers, and love it when they can do the same with me.
Grey Matter is a super-fun and easy way of doing just that.

Bruce Tantum (North America Editor, DJ Mag)
What I love about Grey Matter is that it takes you back to the days of sharing mixtapes with special people in your life.

Aeron Premo (aka Rose Corps, musician)
Loving the Grey Matter app as my new go-to music sharing and getting recommendations from real music heads spot.

Eli (Soul Clap)
I’m just now able to wean off of Now That’s What I Call Music thanks to Grey Matter.

Sasha (label owner, Parang Records)
I love the app! I was hanging out with friends the other day and played my Grey Matter favorites playlist and they were like where do you find all these tracks?!?

I’ve tried tons of music discovery tools, but Grey Matter is by far my favorite. It’s the 2021 version of swapping mixtapes with friends.

I now have a consistent stream of music recommendations from people - not algorithms. My playlists have never sounded better!