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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Barney in the Tunnel

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There are a few things that Barney In The Tunnel believe that ring true in 2021; “If ever there was a time in human existence we need hugs it's now,” they said on their Bandcamp page. “If ever there was a time in human existence we need music it's now.” The musical pairing of Ash Tunnel Signs and Barney Kato, aka Barney In The Tunnel, bring their Hug House EP to light, just when we need it.

Out today, August 6, on Doe Dee Records, the EP features three warm dancefloor nuggets to cuddle up to. The opening track "Egg Of Sunday" is a tribute to morning dances and messy endings, "Larry's Planetarium" looks to the future and beyond from the safety of your couch, and "Once More For The Last Time" is a loving embrace of the past and the near present.

It’s the second EP from the Sydney-based duo, whose goal is to transcend time and space by making synthesized rave music. Their self-titled debut EP, released last year on Berlin label Cashminus, featured four dancefloor moods, taking inspiration from the friendship of the party, the shroom, the drum machine, and the science of fiction.

Ash Tunnel Signs and Barney Kato are long time friends who have been key players in the Australian dance music scene for over a decade. Between the two of them, they have played every major festival in the country, from Splendour in the Grass to Future Music. They’ve also released music on the underground’s best labels, from Modular to Motorik, as well as run their own: Ash Tunnel Signs’ Death Strobe and Barney Kato’s Doe Dee Records.

For their Greylist, they selected 11 driving tracks which explore the outer rim of electronic music, featuring artists like Skatebård, Lauer, and Cosmo Vitelli, as well as a couple of their own tracks.

1. “Sounds from the Echosystem,” Guy Contact

2. “Volpi Polari,” Skatebård & Lauer

3. “Lifeforms,” Lou Karsh

4. “Classic Kickon,” Barney In The Tunnel

5. “Detachable,” Barney In The Tunnel

6. “Reaffirming Eternity,” Voiski

7. “Vicious Circle,” The Frenzied Bricks

8. “Mistah Yumyum,” Son of Sam

9. “Ink Man,” Kevin Harrison

10. “Porte Bonheur,” Hard Corps (Remix)

11. “Common Occurence,” Luca dell’Orso (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)

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