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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.


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During a time when there is so much struggle in the world and so few disco balls, Vangelis is shining some light and love back into the world. Presented by his website LAGASTA, he has put together With Love, a dance-packed compilation for Pride.

Dropping today, the release features 17 exclusive tracks from artists like Justin Cudmore, In Flagranti, Zillas on Acid, Baronhawk Poitier, Tony Y Not, Boys' Shorts, Mala Ika, Rotciv, Joyce Muniz, Hard Ton, Perdu, Alinka and Das Komplex.  

Vangelis said the digital album was the perfect way to enjoy a delicious blend of dance music while supporting the queer community, with funds raised being donated to Athens LGBTQ Youth Community and Emantes International LGBTQIA & Solidarity. “It fills our hearts to support those in need,” he said. “And we hope you feel that same love as you turn up the volume and get ready for the heat.” 

Vangelis has been sharing music with the masses for the past 11 years as a DJ, producer, journalist and party promoter. With the help of his coworker Vaios, he’s also turned LAGASTA, known for its exceptional taste and breaking new artists, into one of the most visited dance music sites worldwide.

Its accompanying label, LAGASTA Records, has put out several compilations over the years, highlighting radiant, diverse summer vibes from up-and-coming artists. The LAGASTA party in Vangelis' home base of Thessaloniki is one of the most popular parties in the country. Beyond Greece, LAGASTA has held a residency at London’s Dalston Superstore and appeared at festivals like MELT, Glastonbury and Love International.

Vangelis is also a member of the electronic duo Boys' Shorts with his musical partner Tareq. Between their Together EP and Connection EP, they make melody-rich, synth-driven tracks in the flavor of a late ‘80s romance dream.

We asked Vangelis to do what he does best, share some music with the world for our Greylist series.

1. "Wie Ein Baum," Heike Tittmann

2. "Mermaid’s On Acid," Sedef Adasi 

3. "Heatstroke,"Gold Suite 

4. "Beam Me Up," Midnight Magic (Each Other Remix)

5. "Sunset Flirt," Boys’ Shorts (Benjamin Frohlich’s remix)

6. "Los Pasos Perdidos," DJ City

7. "Junee," SIRS

8. "Theme," Spencer Parker

9. "Telefon," Alek Lee

10. "That Rave Saved My Life," Lake Haze

11. "Late Night Romantics," All Is Well (Lauer Remix)

12. "Drive Me," Extra Credit 

13. "Boson," Frankey & Sandrino

14. "Aéroplane," Auf Togo Meets Becker & Mukai (feat. Anita Cualega)

15. "When The Party Is Over," Nuback 

You can hear / buy With Love on the LAGASTA Bandcamp.

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