Greylists - Subtempo

Grace Rubin
December 24, 2020

This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Subtempo is a left-field record label, artist collective, and contemporary culture platform founded by Rocco Tyndale in 2016. While based in the Bay Area, Subtempo boasts a predominantly international roster of musical and visual artists, including Alejandro Bento, Leeward, Yasmin Lever, and Regina Dejimenez. Since its establishment, Tyndale and creative partner Benjamin Westenburg have released over a dozen musical projects and commissioned a handful of visual works.

Pairing creatives of disparate mediums--musicians, coders, writers, architects--is Subtempo’s specialty; making art tangible is its goal.

Subtempo’s Greylist features a mix of neo-classical, electronic, and ambient tracks produced and composed by artists across the globe.

1. “Loom,” Ólafur Arnalds & Bonobo
2. “Fundamental Values,” Nils Frahm
3. “Shore,” Fluctuate
4. “Amapolar,” Axel Toben
5. “Sun Inside the Sun (Synkro Remix),” Souns
6. “Archangel,” Burial
7. “Tendency,” Jan Jelinek
8. “Swim,” Nicolas Jaar
9. “Harm (Dalus Remix),” Axel Toben
10. “Raven Sway,” Thomas Ragsdale

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