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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

{int}erpret null

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{int}erpret null is a post-classical and experimental music repository established by Mark McGlinchey (In Morbid Colours) and Mirza Ramic (Arms and Sleepers, Saigon Would Be Seoul). Mark and Mirza also work together at Future Archive Recordings, an independent, artist-run record label.

Since its launch in March of 2019, {int}erpret null has released two dozen projects from artists across the post-classical and electronic music spectrums. The label’s artistic philosophy is best exemplified by its miniatures series, a collection of collaborative records inspired by Mark’s “miniature music manifesto.” Every track on miniatures vol. 1, the first installation of the series, was composed in response to four criteria: 1) complete a musical thought; 2) express it in any medium; 3) reuse, reinterpret, redevelop; and 4) do not exceed one minute in duration. Released last February, miniatures vol. 1 features music from Peter Broderick, A Lily, Grabek, and David Allred.

{int}erpret null’s Greylist draws from the genres Mark and Mirza know best: post-classical, ambient, and electronic. Follow the label on Grey Matter for more {int}erpret null-approved music.

1. Maurice Ravel, Gaspard de la Nuit, M. 55: 2. Le gibet - Live
2. Silver Mt. Zion, “Mountains Made of Steam”
3. A Winged Victory for the Sullen, “We Played Some Open Chords and Rejoiced, for the Earth Had Circled the Sun Yet Another Year”
4. Brambles, “Pink and Golden Billows”
5. Bryce Dessner, Kronos Quartet, “Little Blue Something”
6. Stars Of The Lid, “Requiem for Dying Mothers, Pt. 1”
7. Tim Hecker, “No Drums”
8. Tigran Hamasyan, “Fides Tua”

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