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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Xera Vera

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Imagine floating down a river that’s shimmering, colors swirling around, as you stare at the starry sky. This is where I am transported when I close my eyes and listen to Xera Vera.

British-Venezuelan musician, producer, vocalist, and DJ, Xera Vera continually finds interesting ways to integrate her love for electronic music, her years of classical training, and the traditional Venezuelan folk music she picked up from her mother. Xera Vera’s music draws from a reservoir of global influences that make me want to linger and explore, just like I would when going somewhere for the first time. And I’m constantly struck by her powerful yet controlled voice, a testament to her classical training, especially in songs like “Back in Time.”

Her first EP, released on Needwant Records, amassed praise from Dummy Mag, Kaltblut, Constant Circles, and BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Jamz Supernova, to name a few. She’s also been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Apple Music’s ‘New In Electronic,’ and Amazon Music Progressive Dance.

Her latest single, “Then I See Your Faces,” is “a song of two halves. Two faces,” as described in the track’s press release. It’s full of emotion, ebbing and flowing while still showcasing her signature sound. 

In an interview with Kaltblut Magazine Xera Vera said, “I’m continually inspired by other musicians. There is a lot of incredible music released every day. I especially love discovering other female producers/artists, there’s not so many of us just yet. I get inspired by something in the space between Nina Kraviz and Björk.” Within this space, drawing on everything from the minimal techno of Kraviz to the celestial experimentalism of Björk, it’s clear Xera Vera is carving out a spot for herself in the music scene. 

For her Greylist, Xera Vera selected five songs that give you a glimpse into what inspires her.

1. “Pandaemonium,” Giant Swan

I just love this track, it sounds wild. This is what the inside of my head feels like.

2. “Void Control,” Forest Drive West

This track brings back great memories of a road trip to Wales late last summer. It’s UK fun and a little raggedy.

3. “(Iss006) Dolby,” Skee Mask

Anything released by Skee Mask. His Iss006 EP is a little different from what I’m used to, ambient, painting with moods and tones.

4. “Forest,” Darkstar

This track is overwhelming in its simplicity and haunting harmonies. So beautiful, real music.

5. “Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet,” Gavin Bryars

Another tear-jerker, stunning music which reminds me why I do what I do. Check out the story of how this track was made.

You can listen to Xera Vera’s latest Night Mix of her track “Then I See Your Faces,” released earlier in February. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud

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