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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Soul Clap

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Through radical love and radical hope, Soul Clap are on a mission to change our world beyond the dancefloor with their new album WTF (World Transformation Force). Boston producers and DJs Lonely C and Bamboozle describe the record as a call to action for positive change. “Dance music was born as a subversive, underground movement of marginalized people and we believe it’s our duty to follow in their footsteps and use the power of our culture for positive change,” they said in the press release.

WTF isn’t the first time the pair has channeled their energy into making change within the dance music community. Their DJs For Climate Action and Rave The Vote initiatives have encouraged people to fight for justice, peace, and the planet. As a reaction to what’s going on around the globe, it’s only natural that WTF would be released on Earth Day (April 22). “This body of music has arrived during a time when we find ourselves with our hands in the air exclaiming WTF?! Well, the answer is exactly that: WTF! Together our force is stronger, and can transform the world as the magnitude of our universal love grows,” they said.

WTF is a continuation of Soul Clap’s unique sound. Lonely C and Bamboozle have been playing and making music together for 20 years, producing a soulful spin on underground house, blending in elements of RnB, garage, hip-hop, funk, and downtempo electronica. Soul Clap are driven by influences of the past and pay homage to dance music’s roots, collaborating with Tra’zae Clinton, the grandson of George Clinton (Parliament Funkadelic), Harry Dennis, the Chicago house music producer and lyricist who was part of the original generation of house music in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Rich Medina, a key figure of the East Coast scene, creator of Lil’ Ricky’s Rib Shack, and Sha-Lor vocalist Lori Lava. It also features a powerful spoken word album interlude by Nona Hendryx, one third of Labelle. These names add to a long list of legendary musicians Soul Clap has worked with, having collaborated with George Clinton, Sly Stone, Laid Back, Louie Vega, and Egyptian Lover in the past.

WTF is part of a new series of Soul Clap releases on Fool’s Gold Records, with the World EP released in January, Transformation EP released in February, and Force EP in March. The series offers an uplifting and much-needed detox from the anxiety of our times. “Our belief is that things will get better, even if we are still just beginning to learn how to get there. It’s a wake up call to action, a time for all of us to join together on the path to positive change,” they said.

Ahead of the release of WTF, Soul Clap’s Bamboozle has selected nine uplifting songs for the Greylist series.

1. “Emergency on Planet Earth - Remastered,” Jamiroquai

2. “Power of Love,” Deee-Lite

3. “We All Must Live Together,” Blaze

4. “Can You Feel It - Martin Luther King Mix,” Mr. Fingers

5. “Promised Land,” Joe Smooth

6. “Atomic Moog 2000 - The Bomb mix by Luke Vibert,” Coldcut

7. “Optimistic,” Sounds of Blackness

8. “Musical Freedom,” Adeva 

9. “Back 2 Love (feat. Desmond ‘DSP’ Powell),” Soul Clap

WTF will be released on Fool's Gold Records on April 22. You can hear/buy/enjoy the album here.

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