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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.


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In a scene that is dominated by male DJs and generic club music, Megatronic has spent the past five years amplifying women in the Middle East. After moving to Dubai from London in 2016 and noticing male-heavy line up after male-heavy line up, she got to work getting females into the Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) club world. 

“This is how Female First Sessions was born - a platform designed to empower, encourage, and elevate talented women within the region and beyond, by giving them a space to be seen and express themselves,” she said in her biography.

The platform grew momentum quickly, successfully putting together more diverse lineups in the fields of music and art, celebrating the unseen talent of the region. Since then, Megatronic has gone on to help create sister projects like Ultraviolet and Femme Fest. 

Her passion for amplifying the MENA region continues through her Worldwide FM radio show, Global Music Movement. Megatronic said the concept was reflective of what’s happening in the region with the reimagining of the region's musical heritage.

“With increasing levels of different music scenes being developed in this region, outside interest is slowly expanding,” she said. “Most of these scenes are growing from the surrounding social and political agendas that the people fundamentally disagree with. One of the most predominant ways that people have chosen to express themselves and explain different struggles is through musical & art fibres that elevate the voices of the cities, the people and their experiences. The growing voices continue to generate and build strength within these communities. As these voices amplify, they are bringing attention from the rest of the world and a demand to be taken seriously.”

While her focus has been on MENA for the past few years, Megatronic’s DJ sets include grooves from all over the world, as well as funk, disco, house, and beats with a little more bass. Her original music is a culmination of all these genres, making enigmatic tracks that have appeared on labels like Turntables on the Hudson and FFs Records.

For her Greylist, she’s picked an infectious selection of songs that strike a balance between world funk and hard hitting beats.

1. “Saluf,” Kutiman

2. “Now U Got Me Hooked,” Against All Logic

3. “High Life,” Dam Swindle

4. “Just Around,” Soundstream

5. “Nakam,” Megatronic (Club Mix)

6. “All Things to All Men,” The Cinematic Orchestra feat. Roots Manuva

7. “Yali Yali / Çayelinden Öteye,” Nese Karaböcek

8. “Sharitt Casette,” Restless Leg Syndrome

9. “My Son’s Smile,” Pablo Valentino

10. “Beng Beng Beng,” Femi Kuti (Ashley Beedle’s Africans on Marz Remix)

You can hear Megatronic’s latest release Sweet Romance on Spotify.

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