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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Jennifer Touch

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Jennifer Touch is magnetic. At first listen, she left me wanting more. It was quickly apparent to me that Jennifer was carving out a unique place for herself in the world of Electronica. Her 2020 debut album Behind The Wall is a hypnotic amalgamation of dark 80s vintage synths, commanding post-punk, and playful disco/electro-pop.

As a child, the Dresden-born and Berlin-bred musician believed that “all the melodies in the world had already been used,” according to her press release for Behind the Wall. Even if this were the case, Touch wanted to express herself through music. So she tore down the wall that said she couldn’t make something original and found creativity in self-expression. Her upbringing in East Germany has always been reflected in her work, touching on the social climate of that time. Touch is deeply devoted to “creating a safe space for herself and for others to sink into” as stated in her bio. To Jennifer, “music is like life - incalculable, rich in experience and emotion, and most of all unlimited.”

With four EPs, a fifth on the way, a full length album, and numerous singles to her name, the scope of Touch’s work in her young career already fringes upon unlimited. That work has been released on Catz 'N Dogz' Pets Recordings and Lunatic Records, and is in addition to regular appearances on Riotvan, the Leipzig-based record label run by Peter Invasion and co-owned by Panthera Krause.

Jennifer’s first album Behind The Wall via FatCat Records in 2020 is cathartic. On tracks like “Attic” and “Chemistry,” Touch beckons you to do the dancefloor with bouncy synths and vocals that add to the subtle thrill created by her authentic lyrics. As the album progresses, you can hear the influences of new wave and pop, like Human League meets the vocals of Karen O or PJ Harvey. Jennifer said in a press release that “Attic,” the driving force behind the album, was inspired by the parties thrown by her parents in their attic while living in “a repressed society, behind this wall.” Touch convincingly invites us behind the wall and takes us to a party that will never tire. 

Jennifer’s Greylist is composed of nine songs that influence the fabric of her music and speak to her expansive music taste.

1. “Shame,” PJ Harvey

2. “Never Enough (Live),” The KVB

3. “Sally Hardesty,” Krikor 

4. “Surrender,” Curses

5. “Dry Cutting,” Broken English Club 

6. “4 Club Use Only,” Delroy Edwards 

7. “Why Couldn’t It Be You,” Alan Vega

8. “Loves Missing,” Iggy Pop 

9. “Slow Down Sir,” Beau Wanzer

And luckily, Touch is giving us more. On April 2nd, she’s sharing her first self-release and brand new EP “Moon in Aries.” You can listen to a track from “Moon in Aries” this Thursday on Bandcamp

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