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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Jacques Renault

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According to Jacques Renault’s Discogs’ page, he has released 31 singles/EPs but my bet is that is only a fraction of what he has on his hard drive. Renault has become a prolific producer and remixer over the past 15 years, causing dancefloor frenzies all over the world.

Since moving to Brooklyn in the mid-2000s, Renault has become a stalwart of the NYC scene. Pre-pandemic, his sets of the disco and house persuasion could be seen regularly at venues like Good Room and Elsewhere.

Renault can also be seen on The Lot Radio for Let’s Play House, a roving party and record label that Renault started with friend Nik Mercer in 2009. Their goal was to bring together unknown and known, local and international DJs, producers and live acts. The Let’s Play House parties are renowned for creating a carefree environment where dancers can loosen up and forget about the world to house, disco, techno and beyond. Over the years the parties have featured acts like Tiger & Woods, Octo Octa, Marvin & Guy, Juan MacLean, Baltra, Tornado Wallace, and Shanti Celeste. The label has featured releases from everyone including DJ Boring, Gerd Janson, Adesse Versions, Earth Boys, Project Pablo, Seb Wildblood, and Dead Rose Music Company, as well as Renaults’ own releases.

Renault has selected 10 feel good hits for his Greylist.

1. “Welcome to the Club,” Blue Magic

Fresh day or night with this hit, grabbed my attention thanks to Ron Hardy mixes playing his own version. I’ve been listening to the original and the arrangement which has all the twists and turns of a classic.

2. “Do Your Best (Faze Action Remix),” Femi Kuti

I’ve been going back to my shelves listening to older remixes from producers I like and this one from Faze Action of Femi Kuti since it is pretty excellent. I like a lot of what these producers do when they uniquely sculpt the already top notch song making this remix something for DJs and dancers, of course.

3. “For A Fool,” Storm Queen

I’ve been a fan of what Morgan Geist produces since the 90s and this new single of his Storm Queen project once again goes with you in all the right places.

4. “Catwalk,” Sound Support

These two experienced DJs / producers link up for Sound Support that satisfies all my jazzy dance fantasies in what they create.

5. “Pretty Face (Instrumental),” Stinger J

We’re often blessed with reissues like these that need to be introduced and heard for all and not only the record nerds.

6. “Deixa Tudo Fluir,” Saidêra

New single from longtime friends on Let’s Play House has turns that brings the big smile dance.

7. “Set Us Free,” Eddie Harris & Les McCann

These two have been played at home and in the office on repeat this past year. This one in particular is long like it should be and I’ll play it over and over because it’s just that type of song. I like many of their albums but it’s just something about their arrangement and changes here that keep me coming back.

8. “Ooh I Like The Way It Feels,” Toni Smith

I do too, this dance track makes me want to sing along lound ha. And I probably shouldn’t but I do.

9. “Makin’ Love In The Fast Lane,” Mellaa

This 7” is special for collectors and I audiences alike. Not so typical, it’s carries itself in a sing along much different from the above.

10. “All Nite Tonight,” Barbara Hernandez

Feels appropriate to keep the boogie theme going with this one produced by Leston Paul. I had heard this out and didn’t know it until I stumbled across it randomly again. That’s what makes it a good tune, right? Feels like you already know it when you hear it, works for me.

You can hear Renault’s latest release Gerd Janson’s Jacque’d Toolbox on Spotify.

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