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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Future Archive Recordings

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Future Archive Recordings was born out of a common need for artistic autonomy, collaboration, and the desire to subvert the traditional record label model. The independent electronic label was founded in 2018 by artists CNJR, Sun Glitters, the members of Arms and Sleepers, and Little People, who collectively have decades of music-making experience.

“We are finding a shared understanding that losing 50% of your revenue to a label doesn't make sense for every act out there, but also not every act has the capacity, resources, or know how to be their own label manager,” Chris Richards (aka CNJR) of Future Archive told Magnetic Mag. He added, “Creating a scenario where artists benefit from the cross-pollination of their fanbase is another goal. The primary way this has impacted the label set up is that we are not prioritizing profit. It’s a labor trade, with a small amount of trickle income rolling into the label to put back into marketing or creative projects.”

Future Archive supports a wide range of artists with work reaching across genres and styles found within electronic music. No surprise, their Greylist reflects these diverse sounds with an eclectic assortment of songs.

1. “Love In The Time Of Lexapro,” Oneohtrix Point Never

2. “Nova,” Amon Tobin

3. “No Reason (feat. Nick Murphy),” Bonobo

4. “Dreamer’s Wake,” Rival Consoles

5. “Legend,” Pilotpriest

This Friday, Future Archive will be releasing new music from electronic duo PALLADIAN. Until then, you can discover more of the label’s music on their website.

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