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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.


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What would you listen to if it were your last chance to dance? The London-based modern disco/funk duo Ekkah would be a safe bet for busting a move. It’s no doubt that Ekkah’s sound is intoxicating - always leaving you with the desire to hit the dancefloor. 

Rebekah Pennington and Rebecca Wilson met in school at the age of 15 and bonded over their shared love of music. Since 2014, they’ve been building a name for themselves as Ekkah - a name that is composed of two of the three syllables shared by their first names. After their debut track “Last Chance to Dance,” Ekkah started garnering collaboration opportunities with artists like famed English electronic producer and Grammy winning songwriter Tourist (“Small Talk”) and celebrated American funk musician Dâm-Funk (“Space Between Us”/“What’s Up”). 

Ekkah’s 2020 releases saw more widespread praise from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and 6 music. Critics from the likes of Guardian and Vice magazine have recognized the duo’s infectious combination of disco and pop. Vice even described Ekkah’s sound as “the sort of sound that is synonymous with feeling sun-kissed.”

Their blissed out sound was most recently showcased in December when Ekkah released the shimmering track “Wendy’s Yard” on the label Future Disco. This captivating song pairs their dreamy vocals with a thumping bassline, sprinkled with guitar stabs and cowbells. It’s that kind of trademark synthesis that we’ve come to know and love from Ekkah (and don’t miss out on house duo Gilligan Moss’s dazzling remix). 

Ekkah has picked five tracks for their Greylist, exhibiting influences behind their blend of early-’80s pop, disco, and R&B. Dancing along is highly encouraged.

1. "All This Love That I'm Givin'," Gwen McCrae

Just one of the most iconic voices and tracks of all time. This song has been reworked so many times, but nothing hits like the original.

2. "Woman - Nimmo remix," Andreya Triana

Such a powerful original song by Andreya, and NIMMO are a sick duo This remix shines a light on their talent in creating something that makes you wanna cry, dance and run all at the same time.

3. "Let Me Know," Róisín Murphy

This track got us through some shit when we were creating EKKAH - We became obsessed with her style throughout this album, and the piano is so addictive on this track, super simple, a phenomenal disco tinged anthem

4. "Ooh La La (Honey Dijon Remix)," Jessie Ware

The one and only Honey Dijon remixing our fave track from Jessie Ware's ultimately perfect What’s Your Pleasure? What’s not to like?

5. "Disco Nights (Rock Freak)," G.Q.

An all out disco classic that you absolutely have to dance to by law.

You can listen to Ekkah on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Future Disco’s Bandcamp.

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