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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Marco Weibel (Darker Than Wax)

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Marco Weibel dabbles in all things deep, spiritual, raw, and honest. Brought up on a diet of early Chicago/Detroit house, jazz, and rare grooves, Weibel brings those soulful sounds to his DJ sets, whether it’s for head nodding or dancefloor annihilation.

Growing up in Singapore, Weibel is one of the brightest selectors to have emerged out of the burgeoning Southeast Asian scene. Over the years he has appeared everywhere from the Dimensions Festival in Croatia to Bali’s Potato Head Beach Club and at some of Brooklyn’s best underground clubs.

It was in Singapore that he met Funk Bast*rd and Kaye and started working for their label, Darker Than Wax. Spearheading US Operations, Marco is a core member of the DTW collective, pushing the boundaries of underground and leftfield music on the East Coast. Weibel hosts the weekly Darker Than Wax FM show on The Lot Radio with Mawkus, which has seen guests like Lefto, Flamingosis, Byron The Aquarius, FaltyDL and more.

Most recently, Weibel has put together Various Channels Vol. 1: NYC, a new selector-led compilation series from Darker Than Wax. The record pushes diversity in sound while also encapsulating a connection that brings people together. The common thread in Vol. 1 is the creative energy of New York City and a new wave of artists, featuring Jitwam, James Tillman, Toribio, Ensemble Entendu, David Marston and Tristan Arp.

Weibel’s Greylist selections are as diverse and eclectic as he is featuring everything from dub and reggae sounds, to jazz, house, Afro/Latin and soul.

1. “People Make The World Go Round,” Milt Jackson

2. “Rendezvous (Close Counters Lazer Tag Flip),” Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange

3. “I Believe in Space,” Kush Jones

4. “Primitivo,” Hareton Salvanini

5. “On Top,” AceMoMa (AceMo & MoMa Ready)

6. “Girls Don’t Always Sing About Boys,” Ego Ella May

7. “Baby I Love You So (12” Mix),” Colourbox

8. “Where Are We Going? (Alternate Mix 2),” Marvin Gaye

9. “Back to My Place,” Jitwam

10. “Roots Magic,” Akio Nagase

You can hear Various Channels Vol.1: NYC on SoundCloud.

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