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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.


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Cesar Toribio is all about bringing people together. He does so through his project Conclave, a live musical gathering, bringing musicians together to unify rhythm.

Using music as a form of communication, Toribio encourages his collaborating artists to break free of rational thought and tap deep into the zone. "I tend to generate songs by first improvising, then refining," Toribio said in his bio. These impromptu creations are deeply informed by the history and culture of Afro-Caribbean rhythms and the Afro-Latin diaspora. The sounds are created using MPC, guitar, synthesizers, and keys as well as Toribio’s own instruments: his voice and drums.

The result is sweaty, soulful invocations for the dancefloor. A DJ and longtime member of the New York City dance music community, Toribio enjoys making grooves that will make you shake that ass. He also enjoys sharing irresistibly danceable tunes, as he has done in his Greylist selections.

1. “Perdon,” Yoruba Anadabo

2. “Get It Up,” The Time

3. “There’s Enough,” Conclave

4. “Superwoman,” Stevie Wonder

5. “Adios Adios,” Max Banda

6. “Upright Love,” E.O.L Soulfrito (Louie Vega Kat Mix)

7. “Golden Wings,” Gabriel Garzón-Montano

8. “Road Of The Lonely Ones,” Madlib

9. “Sunny,” Conclave 

10. “Water No Get Enemy,” Femi Kuti ft D’Angelo and Macy Gray

After a string of singles in 2020, including the fiery cover of the classic “Sunny,” Conclave’s debut album will come out this summer on Love Injection Records. This Friday, you can hear the latest single “Perdón,” including remixes by Louie Vega, on Traxsource.

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