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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Chomp! Chomp!

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Ever wanted to go to an after hours party on another planet? Then Chomp! Chomp! Records’ first release is for you. The four-track EP is the debut of The Golden Mammals, bringing together acid house, techno, dub, and deep grooves that will take you to an interdimensional dancefloor.

The Golden Mammals are Eric From America (TV Baby) and Chittom. Taking their experiences from clubland and inserting it into their music, their productions are leftfield-burners that feel just as good in the living room as on the dancefloor. Chittom is responsible for Side A, An Hour A Day With You, plus a dubby remix of the track by Eric From America. Side B features Eric From America’s two tracks, At The Met Gala and For The Crowd

Chomp! Chomp! is the project of Timo Lee, a long-dancing member of the Hawaiian and New York music communities - an alumni of DJ Harvey’s Thirtyninehotel and Brooklyn’s Good Room. Lee started the label to give underground dance producers an opportunity to share their eclectic sounds.

It’s the same kind of unique music that fills the Chomp! Chomp! Greylists, selected by Lee. 

1. Close to Paradise by Soulwax

I just love a good old story of a fun party in paradise, in this case, Ibiza! The dubby beats sound so good out loud, and the stories are amazing, I hear them and imagine myself in Ibiza in the 70’s.

2. For the Crowd by Eric From America

From Chomp! Chomp! 001, and Eric’s debut EP. I can hear this track being played at 2am in the club, when the world gets back together and we can dance all night. Trippy techno vibes and truly for the crowd!

3. Waiting in Arisaig by Lord of The Isles

I’ve been into ambient tracks lately, and this is one of my fav. The long dreamy build up is so good and just wait till the beat drop! It's a perfect soundtrack on those quarantine days. 

4. Forever Together (Forever United mix) by Raven Maize

From 1989, classic and timeless house track! This one makes me want to stay up all night and just party till dawn, also it’s so catchy and romantic - you and me, together!

5. Paradise by Payfone

Another classic and paradise track! This one stuck in my head numerous times thru out the years, and also reminds me of growing up in Hawaii which is a real paradise there.

6. River Dance by Gee Dee

From his new EP - Key of Sea by Gregory Droggitis aka Gee Dee. The earthy sounds are so good, signature vibes from the one and only Earth Beat! This makes me want to perform a river dance Upstate with my quaranteam again when the summer comes! 

7. Shadow from Nowhere by Blue Gas

This beautiful ambient track from Italy in the 80’s is a masterpiece, and it’s been reissued a few times, and Danilo Braca did a great job revising it. I can listen to this in the morning or at night, it’s a great healing track for me. 

You can check out The Golden Mammals EP on Chomp! Chomp!’s Bandcamp page.

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