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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Black Hawks of Panama

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From the dancefloors of Ibiza to the rainforests of central America, Black Hawks of Panama is a musical journeyman. Bringing together sounds he has learned over a lifetime, Black Hawks of Panama is elevating his style with every track that he drops. 

An amalgamation of Northern Soul, Italo Disco, Chicago House and New York Disco, Black Hawks of Panama’s releases are dripping in heat. He even took the bold move of reworking a Chaka Khan classic for the project’s debut single. Released on Future Disco last year, “Feel For You” was also given a funky remix by Crazy P’s Ron Basejam.

His second single, “Mercer Street,” is a floor-filler featuring the soaring vocals of Bisi. The driving track is made for dancefloors, featuring a vocal rhythm that connects the dots between a euphoric chord progression and a twinkling high frequency blanket.

As promised, Black Hawks of Panama delivers a Greylist with a fantastic mix of dance-worthy tracks, including two of his own disco masterpieces.

1. “Cabrio Mango,” Coeo

2. “Feel For You (feat. Bisi) - Rado Edit,” Black Hawks of Panama

Once we had laid down the vocals I decided to take this re-working of the Chaka Khan classic on a deeper late 80's NYC journey, whilst I would like to think it still has the minerals to move the dancefloor.

3. “Mercer Street (feat. Bisi),” Black Hawks of Panama 

One I have been sitting on for just over a year, re-visiting and getting the arrangement just right!  A tribute to Nicky Siano's Gallery nightclub on Mercer Street in the lower East side, Manhattan.

4. “Stay Free,” Ashford & Simpson

A perfect example of why Ashford & Simpson were one of the most successful writing teams of the 70's and 80's. 'Stay Free' has a melody and song structure that tells a story while it glides and grooves along.

5. “He Is (Jimpster Remix),” The Sunburst Band

Beautiful tripped out blissful Jimpster goodness, which transforms this soulful number into a slightly meatier groove. A perfect example of why Jimpster is one of my favourite producers!

You can hear Black Hawks of Panama’s latest release ‘Mercer Street’ on Spotify.

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