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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Amy Douglas

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For someone who never imagined themselves to be a dance music artist, Amy Douglas has made quite the name for herself. In the past year alone, she has collaborated with the likes of Róisin Murphy, Horse Meat Disco, and The Blessed Madonna, to name a few. “I always envisioned myself in some version of Led Zeppelin or something extremely loud and heavy but as I do love classic disco and soul, transitioning into dance music was fun for me,” Douglas says in her bio.

It’s easy to see why Douglas has become a household name. Her incredible voice and stellar songwriting skills has made her dance music’s bonafide rock chick. She also bangs out some mean tunes on the piano. “It’s been exciting to bring a very singer/songwriter point of view into that world,” Douglas said. Looking through the list of musicians Douglas has collaborated with, it’s like looking at a list of dance music royalty, including Juan MacLean, Luke Solomon, Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, Justin Strauss, Crooked Man, Low Steppa, and more. Her vocals also appear on a number of Glitterbox and Defected releases. She even worked on a tribal, transglobal, hippie dance project with Horse Meat Disco’s Jim Stanton called #Head.

Douglas has a big personality to match her big voice. A true disco diva, she takes glitz and glam with her everywhere she goes. That was evident when she performed to thousands of sweaty bodies at New York City Pride in 2019.

Douglas’ collaborations will continue into 2021, having started her own imprint Ladyballs Records with her creative partner Tim Wagner. On the horizon is Hard Feelings, a collaboration with the inimitable Joe Goddard of Hot Chip.

Douglas has picked seven tracks for her Greylist selections, matching the mood of the NYC winter, where Douglas is based.

1.Stigmata Martyr," Bauhaus

Oh...... the mooood of this tune and that descending chromatic riff of Daniel Ash!!!!!!!!

2. “Days Go By," Birds of Pandaemonium

If The Sisters of Mercy were getting ready to hit the road, my partner Tim Wagner has the band, HIS OWN! Lush, Gothy and beautiful, representing BK to the fullest on his own Our Starry Universe Label.

3. “Marian," Sisters of Mercy

Speaking of which...

4. “The Kick Inside," Kate Bush

Kate Bush is a big ole Bronte Sister of an artist, so she's a different goth but it's all mood and this song still shocks me when I think that she wrote it at 16.  Wow!

5. “Broken English," Marianne Faithful

Snarling and punky? YES.

6. “Bring On The Dancing Horses," Echo and the Bunnymen

Cause Ian McCulloch will never be not swoon worthy and that voice!!!!

7. “Gloomy Sunday," Diamanda Galas

This song is also known as the Hungarian Suicide Song and was BANNED as it lured men and women towards jumping off roofs bridges, etc.  Behold the high priestess of Goth!

You can hear Douglas’ music on SoundCloud.

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