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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Spud Cannon

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Spud Cannon first caught my attention when I heard “Runaway Strays” off of their sophomore album Squeeze (2018). Their signature brand of upbeat garage pop is infectious -- you instantly want to memorize every single lyric while the band beckons you to the dance floor. Their music has the vibe of the most fun house party you’ll ever be invited to. And this Friday you’ll want to dance when their third full-length album Good Kids Make Bad Apples drops. 

For Spud Cannon, it all started at Vassar College during a New England fall in 2016. Made up of Meg Matthews on lead vocals, Jackson Walker Lewis on guitar, Ari Bowe on keys, Lucy Horgan on bass, and Benjamin Scharf on drums, Spud Cannon came together as a group of complete strangers. That quickly changed as they set out to make “music you could dance to at a dormitory basement party” - according to the band’s press release - and began playing in those very venues on campus. They won Vassar’s Battle of the Bands and then recorded their debut album Next Time Read the Fine Print in Lewis’s basement. It was released in October 2017 and the opening track features an introduction by actor Gary Oldman.

Spud Cannon circulated the airwaves of college radio stations, with Squeeze rising as high as #3 on the College Radio Top 200. The exposure helped the band secure opportunities on bigger stages, opening for the likes of Sidney Gish, Del Water Gap, and Snail Mail. And during their 2019 tour, they started experimenting with unconventional venues, choosing a squash court for their final show. Inspired by the court’s acoustics, they ended up recording Good Kids Make Bad Apples there. Now based in both Poughkeepsie and Brooklyn, the band continues to play in playful locales, as they’ve been doing rooftop shows in NYC in preparation -- and soon to be celebration -- of the release. If you like fun, follow them on socials to find out where they’ll be playing next.  

For their Greylist, Spud Cannon selected nine songs that will make you want to bob your head and jump around.

1. “Habit Creature,” Rubblebucket 

2. “Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?,” Caroline Rose 

3. “I’m In Love,” The Far East

4. “Come On Home,” Lijadu Sisters

5. “White Roses,” Girl K 

6. “Supersonic,” Spud Cannon 

7. “Supine (And Feelin’ Fine),” Personal Space 

8. “Archie, Marry Me,” Alvvays 

9. “Be Sweet,” Japanese Breakfast 

Stay tuned for Good Kids Make Bad Apples out tomorrow (June 25) via Good Eye Records.

Until then, listen to “Lovely,” available across all streaming platforms.

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