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This piece is part of the Greylists series: communities sharing the music that brings them together.

Gee Dee

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Gregory Droggitis is a true purveyor of the “anything goes” ethos. Better known as Gee Dee, his freewheeling DJ sets and his far-out record collection have proven just that. His left-of-center sounds have been found on dancefloors at Brooklyn’s Good Room, where he is a resident, and at Philly’s legendary party, Making Time.

Now, Gee Dee can add his original productions to that ethos. With his Key of Sea EP out on December 9 on Planet Trip, the four-track record effortlessly moves through everything from hazy and dub housey cuts, to balearic-tinged earworms and oddball, downtempo trips.

2020 has also seen the release of Gregory's Ocean Walk EP on Superior Elevation as well as club-ready remixes for Neil Frances’ “Coming Back Around”, and “Release” by Slow Glass.

For his Greylist, Gregory brings together a variety of styles, tempos, and countries of origin, easing freely between dub, new beat, bleep, house, techno, and beyond.

1. “Coming Back Around (GEE DEE's Dubbing Back Around Mix),” Neil Frances
Here's a remix I did for Neil Frances that was released back in May. With club life on hold for most of this year, I was never able to play this one out, but hoping to play it loud and proud in 2021!
2. "Gli Ornamenti (U20 Mix),” Prins Emanuel

I'm a big fan of Prins Emanuel. Gli Ornamenti sounds like deep sea diving in 1991. I should know – I was 3 years old.
3. "Jungle In The City,” Roza Terenzi
Blissful mid-tempo journey from Roza Terenzi. Delicate percussion paired with FM synths pads, and some bleeps and bloops for good measure. Have yet to hear a substandard track from Terenzi.

4. “Higher Intelligence Agency,” Delta
Mind-altering astral projection from the legendary Higher Intelligence Agency. It's the opening track from their 1996 LP, Colourform. The entire album is an outer body journey worth taking. See you on the other side.
5. “Alpha Return,” Medicine Drum
Trance shamans Medicine Drum launch me into another galaxy with their energetic breaks and hypnotic synths. I remember hearing this at a beach rave in Tulum the day the world ended (12-12-2012). I have yet to fully return to Earth.

6. ”Warehouse 5AM,” A Positive Life
Downtempo trance, groovy bass line, acid 303 and an infectious vocal sample. Super uplifting, feel-good track perfect for the comedown. "Warehouse 5AM" says it all.

7. “Inner Rhythm (Bio Sensitive Mix),” Paradise 3001
Lush synth pads, a throbbing kick drum and a Loon call. Every bird boy's dream.

You can hear Gee Dee’s Key Of Sea EP on Planet Trip’s Bandcamp.

What Greg’s saying about Grey Matter: "With live music on hold and many of us in isolation, Grey Matter is a simple and safe way to connect with friends, share the music you love and the feelings a certain song gives you."

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