Our Commitment to Inclusion and Sustainability

MacEagon Voyce
October 27, 2020

Our mission as an organization is to build a more sustainable ecosystem for everyone. It’s important to us that all people are supported and feel welcome; healthy communities include voices from a multitude of identities. Grey Matter supports artists in all stages of their careers, and we welcome people of all races, genders, sexualities, physical appearances, abilities, religions, ages, and backgrounds. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination.

Diversity, inclusion, and sustainability are not afterthoughts or peripheral initiatives; they can and should be part of the foundation of our identity. We will make a conscious effort to create inclusive environments and refrain from participating in events or working with organizations that do not align with these values. This practice will extend across all of our activities, from our app to the content we share to the way we conduct business and build our team.

We’re operating with the belief that user metrics and algorithms are not the building blocks of a healthy ecosystem. These often perpetuate biases by making assumptions about identities and backgrounds, ultimately creating more divisions. Context matters, and it is integral to community.

Our team recognizes that this is delicate territory, so we’re regularly asking questions to determine how to best approach our work: How can we effectively create a diverse and inclusive environment? How can we better address biases present in our platform? How can we use metrics to improve organic discovery at the community level rather than only "optimize" discovery at the individual level? How can we produce meaningful impact, rather than just an image? As a young organization, we have the opportunity to embed diversity, inclusion, and sustainability into the fabric of Grey Matter to ensure that these ideals inform everything that we do.

As a starting point, we’re committing to the actions below:

We acknowledge that there are more things we can do to build an inclusive and sustainable organization than what's listed above. As we learn and grow, our commitment will expand and gain nuance, so we're considering this to be a living creed. We value transparency in these conversations, and in everything else that we do. If you have suggestions on how we can better create a welcoming, inclusive, and sustainable environment, give us a shout: contact@greymatter.fm.