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For the Record is a conversation series where we speak with all manner of music heads — DJs, music journos, indie label captains, record shop owners, listening bar kingpins, et al — about their stories + the music that makes them.

Pranav Trewn

Born and raised in the greater Bay Area, Pranav has spent the majority of his career working in San Francisco as a non-profit impact consultant specializing in behavioral design. In his spare time, he moonlights as a freelance music journalist, with regular bylines at Stereogum; Vinyl Me, Please; and Passion of the Weiss, among other publications. The through-line spanning the various dimensions of his career is to create greater space and opportunities in our communities and media for underrepresented voices.
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Music Mentions


Discovering music today (31:25):

First album ever purchased (38:12):

Most recent album purchased (41:11):

Three artists of note discovered in the past year (45:50):

Most under-appreciated artist from your favorite music decade (50:25):

Desert island discs (54:08):