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For the Record is a conversation series where we speak with all manner of music heads — DJs, music journos, indie label captains, record shop owners, listening bar kingpins, et al — about their stories + the music that makes them.

Sarah LaReau

Sarah is a multidisciplinary creative professional with a long history in independent music scenes. Her background includes creative direction, marketing strategy, digital consulting, music industry research and writing, live music photography, and dabbling in online music zines and DIY record labels, Originally from Portland, she currently resides in DFW, TX by way of Memphis, TN, with many stops in between. She's particularly drawn to projects focusing on underground counterculture and socioeconomic matters for the creative working class.
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Music Mentions

Gonerfest (12:58):

Water & Music via Memphis (18:42):


Discovering music today (24:40):

Three artists of note discovered in the last year (31:44):

Most under-appreciated artist from your favorite music decade (32:52):

Desert Island Discs (35:14):

Recommendations for future episodes (37:24):