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For the Record is a conversation series where we speak with all manner of music heads — DJs, music journos, indie label captains, record shop owners, listening bar kingpins, et al — about their stories + the music that makes them.

Steph Guerrero

Stephanie Guerrero, a veteran in the music industry, has shaped standards at major labels for over a decade. With executive roles at Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Tellie, and Spanish Broadcasting System, she's also a Web3 leader, excelling in content, digital promotion, and campaign strategy. Working with notable projects like Decent.xyz, she advises at Legato, empowering artists with monetization tools. Stephanie founded Goat for Mars, aiding artists in Web3 transition and NFT exploration. Her event and speaking skills, seen at Miami NFT Week, SXSW, web3 Creator Summit and GRAMMY U. She is currently the cohost of Appetite for Distraction with Maarten Walraven.
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Music Mentions

Go-to Karaoke songs (3:38):

Intersecting passions for music and technology (4:16):

CD’s while working at a label (10:30):

Exploring beyond music industry majors (12:40):


Three artists of note discovered in the past year (15:30):

How do you discover music today (19:50):

Music community shoutout (22:30):

Most under appreciated artist from your favorite music decade (23:23):

Desert island discs (24:25):