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For the Record is a conversation series where we speak with all manner of music heads — DJs, music journos, indie label captains, record shop owners, listening bar kingpins, et al — about their stories + the music that makes them.

Dianna Loevner

Raised in Pittsburgh as the sidekick to a fashionable 90's raver by the nickname of DKNY Caroline, Dianna gained her first exposure to electronic music and was hooked. As a teenager she got involved in the dance community and started doing promotion for local crews, which led her into studying public relations at American University. Following a stint at PAPER, and overseeing community at Soho House's three New York locales, Dianna co-founded Mizz Softee, a Brooklyn-based underground party brand with an emphasis on techno genres. In addition, she's building The Creamery, a boutique artist booking agency.
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Music Mentions

Early years getting into music (2:47):

NYC, Washington DC - getting back into electronic music (4:52):


Discovering music & community shoutouts (17:34):

Three artists of note discovered in the last year (20:29):

Favorite artist from under appreciated music decade (23:22):

Desert island discs (26:26):

Recommendations for future guests (29:15):