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For the Record is a conversation series where we speak with all manner of music heads — DJs, music journos, indie label captains, record shop owners, listening bar kingpins, et al — about their stories + the music that makes them.

Josh Dalton

Having founded Crack in the Road one of the leading independent tastemaking blogs of the 2010s, Josh has spent the past decade working across A&R and management. He's also currently part of the core team at next generation music marketplace Serenade. He's a big believer in supporting artist independence, and fighting for a fairer creative economy for all.
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Music Mentions

Early Days

First Few Artists From Crack in The Road

Other Career Developments (13:45)

Change in Music Discovery (16:30)

How to bring back the magic of Music Discovery (19:45)


How are you discovering music today? (21:10)

Three Important Artists (past year) (23:00)

Most under-appreciated group during favorite music decade (26:18)

Music Community You’re Fond of and why? (27:50)

What has inhibited the discovery experience? (31:30)

Desert Island Discs (37:00)

Where can people find Josh (42:30)