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News specifically about Grey Matter.

New Feature: Crews

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At Grey Matter, we’re building a digital community that supports and amplifies real-life music connection. Crews are micro-communities where that connection happens within the app.

Social platforms that aren’t music-focused can’t be expected to make structural decisions to benefit music communities - their scopes are simply too broad for that. But music deserves its own dedicated digital space, so we've built Crews. They're spaces entirely dedicated to sharing, discovering, and supporting music together.

Who Are Crews For?

- Artists, frustrated by how difficult it is to build a fanbase on traditional social media? Make yourself a Crew, gather here.

- Part of a label, venue, radio station, or another music org? Build your Crew, invite your people, and promote the music you love.

- Work at a cafe or bar? Create your Crew and share the music that defines your joint, together.

- Into float house and doomcore and a bunch of other sub-genres your friends have never heard of? Build your Crew and discover that you're not alone.

Connect through the music you love.

Crew Roles + Conversations

In Crews anyone can now start and build conversations around music. We've also baked in three types of roles for each Crew: Members, Curators, and Admins.

Members: Explore music from Curators and Admins, add your voice to the conversation, and invite other would-be Members.

Curators: Share and express music in addition to all Member capabilities.

Admins: Edit Crew details, manage Members/Curators, and revel in your power — in addition to Member/Curator capabilities.

Hail your fellow curators.

New Crews Menu

We've added a new drawer menu for easier navigation. Your Global Feed (fka Discovery), personal feed, profile, and all of your Crews can be accessed from here.

We also put the Share Feedback functionality in this menu. It's important to us the the community has a voice in how Grey Matter takes shape, so don't be shy! Let us know what you like, what you don't, and all the TBD future features that would provide value to you.

Discover new music in your Crew feeds.

Grey Matter is both a working product and a work in progress. Crews are the beginning of a vision that includes many more community-building tools and support mechanisms.

We want Crews to grow with you, and to serve you and your music communities the way you need them to. So we’re going to bake in more customization, addressing everything from privacy settings to content types to community support mechanisms.

If you’re a community leader (music label, collective, venue, blogger, or anything in between) who’d like to be part of these conversations, please drop us a line. Have other thoughts/feedback? Let us know. As always, we'd love to hear from you: contact@greymatter.fm.

Create a Crew for just about anything.

For Crews 2.0, we are working on refining Crews based on community feedback. Not only will you be able to search for Crews from an alphabetical list presented within the app, you will also be able to create private and public Crews.

The Complete List of Crews (updated every Friday): 


80s/90s House

a late summer’s night

afrobeats and afroswing



Bubblegum Pop


Classic Rock


Clear Vision Collective

Cuban Petes


Dream Pop


Ethno jazz

Folk Music




Global Music Movement

Grey Matter

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groove commute

Hip Hop

Home Bass




Jazz in the 21st Century




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Música Latina, baby!

Música Popular Brasileira

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New Wave

Night Drives

Old Timey Vibes



Post-rock kith and kin





Release Radar

road trippin’

Rose Corps

sad songs for dirty lovers


songs to sing in the shower

Soul Clap Crew

strictly bangers


The Good Vibes Club

The National

Trip Hop


whenever, wherever

you’re the main character

Your favorite live shows

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