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Community Matters - Julian Tepper (The Natural History)

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Julian Tepper (credit: Jerome Corpuz)

You may remember Julian Tepper from a couple weeks ago, when we premiered the re-release of “Don’t You Ever,” the track made famous by Spoon that was written by Julian and his brother, Max, for their band, The Natural History.

The band toured around the country in the early oughts and almost made it big. But they broke up right before the release of their second LP, The People that I Meet, the record that was supposed to (and eventually did) house that seminal track.

Julian ended up trading music for writing and recently published his third novel, Between the Records, which, among other things, fictionalizes the making of The People That I Meet. In the first episode of Grey Matter’s new podcast, Community Matters, we chat about how a songwriting community led to Julian rediscovering his love for music. We also discuss the The Natural History’s ongoing relationship with Spoon and what music community looks like in the time of COVID-19.

Listen on SoundCloud below or Spotify here.

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