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Dné at Chapeau Rouge

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“Driving in a Car While Listening to Bill Burr’s Podcast.” That’s the title of a song by Prague-based musician Ondrej Holy, better known as dné. The three-minute track is raw and textured, contrasting gentle piano melodies with heavy beats."Public Making out Is Like Ugh,” “Asos Model Crush,” and “Reality Swallows Pusheen Cats” are other tracks from the same album — dné’s award-winning 2016 debut These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere. Dné’s playful titles aptly reflect the irreverence of his music. Through instrumental soundscapes (it’s fitting that the titles do some lyrical heavy-lifting), dné’s music tells stories by way of elegant piano, strings, and audio recorded from everyday life — cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, doors closing. The result is a sound that’s utterly unique and emotionally “happy-sad,” as described by Majestic Casual. “I like melodies that are on the border of pretty and the good type of sad,” dné told Wonderland. Dné’s melodies, as described by one critic, are “as dainty as they are pensive.” At times understated, at other times lush and layered, it’s an album that’s easy to get lost in.

We’re excited to be showcasing some of dné’s latest work, a live show filmed at Prague’s Chapeau Rouge. Check out the video below:

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