Live with Gian-Paul

MacEagon Voyce
March 13, 2021
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About a month back, electronic artist Gian-Paul graced Grey Matter’s halls with an hour-long set of house and disco hewn grooves. His penchant for disco originates at home. The child of a former disco dancer, Gian-Paul weaves together disco, house, tech house, and minimal, invoking New York’s groovy Hustle era. His label, Brooklyn Hustle, is inspired by his mother and the group of dancers that helped popularize that infamous ’70s dance move.

The New York City native has become a staple of the city’s renowned club scene himself, playing everywhere from Good Room to Le Bain to House of Yes. He’s begun to venture further east, too, having played premiere London clubs Egg Ldn and Ministry of Sound while sharing bills in Budapest and Ibiza.

In need of some extra vibrance on this Memorial Day in quarantine? Spin GP’s excellent Grey Matter set below:

Gian-Paul is also one of our app’s early beta users. Want to see what he and all your other friends are listening to? You can stay connected with community updates and sign up for the beta here.

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