About Us

Grey Matter is a social music app with expressive ways to share, discover, and support music. Imagine if Instagram + Sonos had a kid and Reddit + Patreon had a kid and then those two kids had a kid. That's what we're building.

Grey matter helps us process the feelings conjured by music. Different melodies, harmonies, and rhythms create unique reactions in each and every one of us. It helps us feel, makes us distinct, and brings us together.

The emotional connection that happens around music needs human beings. But we live in an era where the convenience of tech shouts louder than our friends. Algorithms and the absence of social tools make people nonessential to today’s streaming experience, which endangers the community that music both needs and makes necessary. While there is no substitute for real-life connection, there should be a digital solution that better supports it.

We’re building Grey Matter to be that digital solution. Our vision is a global music community dedicated entirely to sharing, discovering, and supporting music.

Who are we?

We’re a team of musicians, DJs, writers, independent music marketers, curators, and fans. We’re building Grey Matter with and for the people that create the most value in the music industry: artists and the humans that discover their music, share it with their communities, and support their art.

What guides us...

Our Operative Motto

Music before profit.
People before machines.

Our Core Values

Resilience. Expressiveness. Authenticity. Curiosity. Humility.

Our Mission

Build a more sustainable music ecosystem for everyone.


MacEagon Voyce
Music has a unique ability to bring people together, and to help people say what they want to say when other forces deny them their voice...
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Arthur Shikhman
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Bettina Eckerle
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Frank Guzzone
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Sumit Varshney
Corporate Strategy
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Ashot Gulzatian
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Communications Manager
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QA Engineer
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Full-Stack Engineer
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Full-Stack Engineer
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Product Lead
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Our Commitment to Inclusion and Sustainability